Advantages of hiring a Real Estate Personal Shopper

Vídeo Agnes Csomos Personal Shopper Inmobiliario Madrid
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How do I save you time?

Vídeo Agnes Csomos Personal Shopper Inmobiliario Madrid
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How do I save you money?

Vídeo Agnes Csomos Personal Shopper Inmobiliario Madrid
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How do I save you hassle?

I save you time

I search for you:

You will have access to 100% of the available offer. I search amongst apartments published directly by owners, agencies, funds, banks, and also “off market” properties (which are not published anywhere), which I have access to thanks to my wide network of contacts.

I react immediately to any new listing that seems to be a good fit, so you don’t miss interesting opportunities.

I view for you:

First I view properties alone, so you don't waste time viewing things that don't really fit. I send you a video-tour of the interesting options I find, as well as a complete report that includes an objective assessment with pros and cons.

I manage for you:

All the documentation and procedures: from the due diligence, reviewing the private contract and notarial deeds, all the way to the changing the utilities contracts to your name.

I save you money

I negotiate for you:

I represent your interests as a buyer so I negotiate to get you the lowest possible price. I use my knowledge of the local market in combination with Big Data evaluation tools to know the the objective market value ​​of each home.

I improve your profitability:

I find interesting investment opportunities with above average returns. Even if you buy for yourself, not as an investment, I will assess the possible capital gains on the property you are interested in.

I find the best financing options:

I look for the best mortgage conditions for your financial profile, even before I start searching. I also help you consider alternative means of financing.

I make sure you don’t make costly mistakes:

I detect and inform you of any possible problems with the property that could cost you a lot of money to fix. I review and validate all legal aspects of the purchase, to avoid pitfalls.

I save you hassle

I am 100% on your side and by your side:

I will succeed only if you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

I only represent you and your interests:

I put all my experience and Property Buyers’ resources at your disposal. There is no conflict of interest or ambiguity: I only work for you.

Purchase with guarantees:

I will investigate and inform you of any relevant details about the apartment, the building, and the surroundings. Don't buy with the uncertainty of not having all the information on hand.

What are the steps taken by a Real Estate Personal Shopper?

Can the services be customized?

Of course!

Before we start working together, we will determine what services you really need, and we will only charge for those.

Are you a lawyer or an architect? Then you probably don’t need the legal or technical validation – we will remove them from the package and reduce the fixed fee accordingly.

Do you want me to tender the renovations, or even supervise them? It can be included in the budget.


Great, I'm interested, but how much does the service cost?

Having said that...

The fees for a complete package from the pre-assessment to the post-purchase procedures are usually around 8.000€ to 12.000€ + VAT for investment properties and 10.000€ to 20.000€ +VAT for home purchases, but this is just a very rough estimate as each project is unique and tailored to your needs.

There are several things you should know...

At Property Buyers we never charge a percentage on the purchase price. Why? Because we are not intermediaries or commission agents. We provide you with a service and charge a fixed fee for it. You will always know how much it will be and what your personalized service package includes before you sign.

These fees do not depend so much on your purchase budget as on the complexity of the search and the services included.

Global budget ...

Your global purchasing budget will be determined before starting the search.

This budget will have to include everything: the purchase price, taxes, our fees, and any possible renovations. We will make sure to find a property that fits your needs and where everything fits into this budget.